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Full time member of Center for Teacher Education


Dr. Li-Ming Chen

Li-Ming Chen

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Institute of Education, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

School bullying, wisdom, grounded theory method, Rasch measurement.

*2018-2019 NSYSU Distinguished Junior Research Scholar. 2017-2018 NSYSU Outstanding Research Award, Young Scholar. 2016-2017 NSYSU Exemplary Student Mentor. 2016-2020 NSYSU Research Excellence Award.
EXT: 5844

Dr. Wen Cheng

Wen Cheng

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Social and personality development psychology, learning motivation, cognitive dissonance theory, text mining, social networking behaviors.

**2020 MOE Outstanding Teaching Practice Advisor, Excellence in Teaching Practice Award. 2017-2018 NSYSU Outstanding Teaching Award. 2017-2018 NSYSU Teaching Excellence Award. 2015-2017 NSYSU Teaching Excellence Award. 2015-2016 NSYSU Exemplary Student Mentor.
EXT: 5896

Dr. Chia-Wei Tang

Chia-Wei Tang

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Educational administration, organizational behavior, higher education.

* 2018-2019 NSYSU Teaching Excellence Award. 2019-2020 NSYSU Exemplary Student Mentor.

EXT: 5874

Dr. Wei-Lin Chen

Wei-Lin Chen

Assistant Professor,
Ph.D., Educational Policy and Leadership Studies, University of Iowa, USA

Sociology of Education; Development for Youth and Emerging Adults; Comparative and International Education; Quantitative Methods
EXT: 5875

Dr. Ching-Hui Lin

Ching-Hui Lin

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Philosophy, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Indiana Educational Policy, Higher education and Public Policy, Institutional Research and

College Students Experiences, Research Method (Quantitative)

EXT: 2307